Say No

Say No | 2017
Client: Europol (European Police)
A 10′ short film by Europol that counts more than 15 million views

“Sextortion” is on the rise and the number of victims continues to grow worldwide. Europol decided to create an awareness campaign to educate people about online sexual extortion and coercion. A short film was required to present the key messages of this campaign. Creating a short film for an awareness campaign of sensitive material is not simple. The challenge was to manage to merge drama and educational information in such a way that so to eliminate the risk of making a stale instructional video with minor impact or creating a fictional fun video which would not stress enough the seriousness of the conveyed messages. With great success, the video manages to convey the message to the required audiences since it counts more than 15 million views within Europe, something quite significant for a 10-minute short film.


Director: Stelios Alexandrakis

Writers: Europol, Stelios Alexandrakis

Editor: Stelios Alexandrakis

Director of Photography: George Mpompolakis

Visual Effects Supervisor: Manolis Kolokotronis

Production Designer: Nikos Triantafyllou

Assistant Director: Androniki Ellinikaki

Camera Operators: George Padazis, Arguris Koulezakis

Set Designer: George Mavredakis

Costume Design and Make-Up: Mikela Papadoulakis

Music: John Christodoulopoulos

Sound Designer: Kostas Kokolakis

Color Correction: Manolis Kolokotronis, George Mpompolakis

Production Assistant: Axilleas Valeras

Artistic Supervisor: Theo Papadoulakis

Producers: Dimitris Xenakis, Ioanna Davis

Contact with Europol: Astrid Bluemlein

Production by Indigo View 2017