IOT to revolutionise traditional industries

Internet of Things (IoT) merges physical and virtual worlds, creating smart environments. The European Commission actively cooperates with industry, organizations and academic institutions in order to unleash the potential of the IoT technology across the EU Member States and beyond.

Client: European Commission


Director: Stelios Alexandrakis

Writers: Panagiotis Papoutsakis, Yiannis Melitopoulos

Editor: Stelios Alexandrakis, Michalis Alexakis

Director of Photography: George Mpompolakis

Visual Effects Supervisor: Manolis Kolokotronis

Production Designer: Giannis Sotiris

Assistant Director: Michalis Alexakis

Camera Operators: George Padazis, Arguris Koulezakis

Set Designer: George Mavredakis

Costume Design and Make-Up: Mikela Papadoulakis

Production Assistant: stella karakatsani

Sound Designer: Kostas Kokolakis

Color Correction: Haris Towem

Producers: Dimitris Xenakis, Ioanna Davis

Contact with European Commission: Astrid Bluemlein

Production by Indigo View 2018


European Commission – Digital Assembly 2018