World Water War

TVC | 2009

World Water War | Awarded 1 Minute Film

Macedonia Airport, Greece, 2035.
A metallic briefcase carried by a private aircraft becomes the cause of several killings.
What on earth could it have in it, to justify so much bloodshed?

1st prize in EPP’s worldwide environmental short film competition,
‘’Think. Act. Change.’’
Selected for viewing at the 2009 United Nations Climate Change Conference,
(AKA the Copenhagen Summit) in Copenhagen, Denmark, on the 7th of December 2009.


Directed and Produced by: Stelios Alexandrakis, Menelaos Pab

Written by: Stelios Alexandrakis

Visual Effects by: Menelaos Pab

Starring: George Pavlidis, Dimitris Damianakis, George Iatridis